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Mindful Self Health - Doterra Essential Oils and Mindfulness


Encourage family wellness

As a family owned business, we know the value of family and good health. Using the only "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" oil creates a family legacy of health and wellness.


Plants use essential oils

Essential oils are produced by the plant as a defense to protect the plant itself. This same cellular and immune-based defense can protect your body on a cellular level against bacteria.


Money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your doTerra essential oils purchase, you can return the opened bottles to get your money back, no questions asked. We are confident in the health benefits you will receive from aromatherapy and internal use.

Daily Vitality #1 Product


Vitamins with minerals

A food nutrient formula of bioavailable vitamins and minerals, with essential antioxidants, B complex vitamins for energy, in a patented glycoprotein matrix. Contains chelated minerals including calcium, magnesium, and zinc for bone and metabolic health. Includes a whole-food botanical blend of kale, dandelion, parsley, kelp, broccoli, brussels sprout, cabbage, and spinach. Sodium lauryl sulfate-free capsules.


Omega oil complex

Blend of marine and land-sourced omega fatty acids, essential oils of Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, Cumin, Orange, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, and Chamomile. Supports joint, immune, cardiovascular, brain, eye, and nervous system health. Includes 800 IU of natural vitamin D, 20 IU of natural vitamin E, and 1 mg of pure astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant carotenoid harvested from micro algae. Delivers 950 mg pure, molecularly filtered fish oil, 300 mg EPA, 300 mg DHA & 55 mg of other omega-3s  


Cellular vitality complex

Alpha CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex combines potent levels of natural botanical extracts that support healthy cell function, energy, mental clarity and brain function. Includes coenzyme Q10, quercetin, alpha-lipoic acid, Ginkgo Biloba, acetyl-l-carnitine. Frankincense reduces oxidative stress, supports healthy mitochondria and aids cellular longevity, with polyphenols including resveratrol, curcumin, pomegranate, grape seeds, and milk thistle to support healthy cell function and energy.